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WildTower was the lead developer for the Inventu Viewer+ product line. WildTower continues to provide development and solutions for Inventu Corporation, owner of the Screensurfer Web-to-Host Product.

Inventu Viewer

A group of products, each of which plays a different part in accessing, connecting to, interfacing with, and rejuvenating host system applications. Inventu Viewer components are available for download from Inventu Corporation.

Inventu Viewer has gone through some changes over the years–it was originally developed by WildTower Solutions and branded as “Screen Tools” then some other names before “Flynet Viewer” as part of a co-marketing agreement with Flynet LTD of the UK.  Following a change in ownership of Inventu Corporation in 2011, the Flynet relationship was simplified from an original agreement reflecting common 100% ownership by Bill Thorne of both WildTower Solutions and Inventu Corporation.

In 2015, WildTower signed-over all IPR in the then-branded Flynet Viewer to Inventu Corporation, making Inventu the owner of the IPR.  Inventu subsequently Copyrighted the software.

In 2018, negotiations on a proper written agreement between Inventu and Flynet LTD failed and Inventu cut-off all support and maintenance for Flynet customers, as Flynet had not paid royalties on sales since October of 2016.

In 2020, all Flynet LTD branding was removed from the previously co-marketed Flynet Viewer and it was re-branded as Inventu Viewer+.   While Flynet LTD somehow still sells a January 2018 version (using Evaluation Keys), Inventu and Bill Thorne continues to enhance and fix issues with frequent new releases available at

Inventu Screensurfer

WildTower’s principal, Bill Thorne, was the original development manager and lead developer of the Screensurfer product and thus has an intimate knowledge of how the product works.

In December, 2003, Bill and Jeff Urbanczyk, formerly of iE and Teamstudio, formed the Inventu Corporation to take-over the development, sales and marketing of Screensurfer worldwide. Flynet Ltd. remained the product’s distributor in the U.K. and Europe.  In 2011, Bill bought-out Jeff and is now 100% owner of Inventu.

WildTower Remains committed to existing Screensurfer customers for:

  • Onsite Optimization
  • Conversion Services (to Inventu Viewer or other Host Integration Options)
  • Additional Project Implementations (it’s still a great product!)
  • Phone/Email/Onsite Support Services

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