Portfolio On the Way

Will be posting achievements in a Portfolio category, and adding a menu for each of the posts. Traditional resume/cv text is not a great medium for presenting your work, especially when you create products with a strong visual component.

Expected projects covered include:

  • SharePoint 2010 Web Part with Custom Editor, Macro scripting (to define data interchanges) and macro runtime (to execute data interchange based on user input and/or Web part connection events).  Provided with new Flynet 2010 commercial product.
  • Automated Data Entry solution for Blood centers: manages batches of data entry from sourced laptops to back-end UNIX systems.  Includes Flynet UNIX-interfacing web services, a Windows .NET Service communicating with a WinForm client using WCF duplex channels to provide realtime dashboards.   Client displays up-to-the-second status of each record (donation) transferred using custom data visualization (GDI+ user controls).  Client also provides integrated logic to access batch records in custom terminal emulator for corrections to records pended due to business rules or backend warnings/errors. 
  • Web-based Help page with JSON-fed indexing of videos, HTML and PDF help resources.  Provides a graphical presentation of “how-to” topics based on order of execution and level of complexity.  Access to individual topics is provided using icons as well as jQuery-managed dialogs.  (http://flynetsoftware.com/help)
  • Catalog of How-to videos produced using Camtasia providing in-depth assistance to developers implementing solutions with Flynet Viewer tools. (see previous item).  Scripted, recorded, narrated and edited each video.
  • Graphical logic viewer for Flynet Viewer product.  Provides an interactive logic viewer for finite-state logic representing managed web services that utilize one or more host screens and navigation to enter data and/or provide inquiry functionality.  Written using c# and the GDI+ graphics in .NET Winform user interfaces.  All scrolling and user-interaction is managed in code to provide a unique and customized interface.
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