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WildTower Consulting Services

WildTower consulting services are available for a broad spectrum of work, with the following areas representing typical projects.

Inventu Viewer Proof-of-Concept

Provide us with a list of your goals and objectives, and we will provide a live, working application that demonstrates the value of utilizing Inventu Viewer in your organization. Using the Inventu Viewer Workflow Recorder, you can create documentation of your existing screens to a level unheard of in prior generations of host integration toolsets.

Using your input, a free estimate will be provided for the proof of concept.

Depending on the clarity of your specifications as well as the availability of host interface information, we can in many cases provide the proof-of-concept on a fixed-price basis, or on an hourly consulting basis. In certain cases where the project scope is significant, a credit for costs incurred for the proof may be offered towards purchase of one or more Inventu Viewer components.

For the fastest and most economical proof, the use of remote connections and Inventu Viewer’s flexible recording capabilities can enable remote development without the need for a site visit and accompanied travel expenses.

Inventu Viewer Virtual Team Member

Following an optional site visit to enable full knowledge transfer and to foster strong communications in an ongoing basis, a VPN connection is implemented to our office in Marblehead, Massachusetts, to enable as-needed hourly consulting. Note that we have a number of satisfied customers that we have never visited, performing all of our work through VPN connections. This represents a significant savings in travel costs as well as highly responsive support.

For many projects, the Inventu Viewer components are essential to success but don’t necessarily represent a large programming effort. Particularly in transactional environments where Web Services or other component-based calls are encapsulating the screen access, the Inventu Viewer development effort may represent a small fraction of the overall effort.

In these projects, offloading the Inventu development to WildTower can save significant effort, reduce costs and ensure a higher quality end result. By utilizing a VPN remote connection, as-needed enhancements and fixes can be implemented by an expert Flynet developer without the need for an onsite resource.

Special Projects

“Doing the impossible quickly” is something we pride ourselves on. Anything connecting two systems together or two API sets together is a challenge well suited for WildTower. By contracting with us for a specialized tool or interface, you can avoid the need for a generalized middleware or integration product costing thousands more and performing far less effectively.

Principal Consultant Information

Bill Thorne, WildTower’s principal consultant, has over three decades of experience in the Independed Software Vendor (ISV) industry.  His product-level design, development, marketing and support experience in this highly competitive environment is a testament to his skills and capabilities.

Bill can provide assistance to both software vendors and I.T. customers at multiple levels, including initial management consulting on new projects on through to leading on design and implementation planning. On a development level, from advanced user interface implementations on through to host integration, Bill can help at all levels of a customer’s organization. Currently specializing in Inventu Viewer implementations, Bill has comprehensive experience in a broad spectrum of technologies and industries, from device-driver C coding on through to custom HTML Page construction (and any CSS or javascript tweaks that are needed for the best results).

To view Bill Thorne’s CV: As a PDF click here, As a WORD DOC click here.

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