WildTower Customers

The following implementations represent a sample of customers served in the past and present by WildTower consultants.

    Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies

    Implemented an extension to an existing Screensurfer website which provides policy holders with a view of their current billing status; ongoing support. 

    CareFirst BCBS

    Implemented extensive Screensurfer integration transactions for a comprehensive health insurance IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for both providers and patients; implemented automated claims adjustment transactions for multiple departments; ongoing support. 

    Wells Fargo Canada

    Implemented a comprehensive Credit Card (Commercial Credit) web-based application system hosted in a high-security environment. This website provides primary services to Wells Fargo’s Canadian commercial clients. All HTML, Javascript and Screensurfer integration was implemented and is supported on an ongoing basis by WildTower. 

    United Healthcare

    Provided host integration consulting in the integration of pass-through terminal emulation tying a CICS 3270 set of transactions with a document image management system; ongoing support. 

    Spraying Systems Company

    Provided Screensurfer Training and implementation consulting; provided custom development of additional tools and features to support dynamic HTML translation (for International Support); ongoing support. 

    Towers Perrin

    Assisted in the integration of pass-through HTML-based terminal emulation with a call center application in the Human Resources division of Towers Perrin. Hundreds of call center employees utilize a Screensurfer-based emulator that is integrated with other web and Visual-basic desktop applications working in concert to deliver phone-based customer service. 

    Harvard Library System

    Designed an initial demonstration of web-to-host integration to the Harvard Library system. Subsequently purchased and modified as a live application used by all Harvard students, faculty and alumni to access the Harvard HOLLIS system for over four years as a direct host-based system was implemented. 

    University of California – Santa Barbara

    Assisted in the implementation of a Screensurfer-based online Student Course Registration and Information system at UCSB (GOLD system). 

    San Diego Community College District

    Assisted in the implementation of another online student registration and implementation system; ongoing support. 

    Penn State University

    Implemented a web-based Screensurfer VT100 integration application which enables students to pay online as well as inquire on payment status. 

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